Kudos to Pixar and CGM

After almost 20 years of being a T1D mom, the movie industry has finally created a character with diabetes who has a CGM on their arm.  What is a CGM you ask?  continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a wearable device that tracks your glucose (sugar) levels in real-time. For years, my T1D had to poke her finger with a needle to check her sugar level.  After thousands of finger jabs, she decided it was time to use a CGM. I remember sitting with her at the kitchen table learning how to program it. The diabetes educator had to show her through a Zoom call, it was during Covid! The Cons.....another pump site change, more money and supplies but the Pro....she felt at ease being able to watch how her numbers changed and the remarkable way it "talked" with her body. So next time you see a patch on someone's arm, it is probably a CGM. Say a little prayer for that person. 

Guess What?? Annie from Annie and Friends Adventures will be getting a CGM too. 

You will see hints of it in the 2nd book, keep your eyes open for it. 


Did you know.......It takes 45 minutes for the brain to recover after having low blood sugar. You can still feel shaky, dizzy, and a little fuzzy according to the diabetes foundation. It is recommended that you don't drive even if your CGM tells you are in the normal range. Wait for brain recovery. 

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